Thursday, October 11, 2018

Two steps forward, one island back...

Off we go! August 29, 2017

On August 17, 2017, Gary retired from full time work in aerospace (more on that later) and we moved out of our Coronado apartment into Fly. We'd had a great time living with our peek-a-boo view of San Diego Bay, and attempted to experience all that living on Coronado has to offer. Here's a look back at some highlights of our 18 months living in San Diego.

Our peek-a-boo view of the bay. (Broadstone Apartments)

The living room, just big enough for the few pieces of furniture we kept.

We could walk or ride our bikes along the bay in the evening.

Coronado has a small town feel. Every Sunday evening in the summer, they have a free concert in the park.
Bring your chair, a picnic, and an adult beverage and watch the little kids dancing to the music. Or you can dance, depending on how much adult beverage you enjoy.

While we lived on Coronado, our granddaughter, Riley was born!
She was smaller than she's about 3 months.
Our apartment, middle of the pic
(just above the guys in the parking lot)

We took the opportunity to sightsee...even after living in Southern California for 20 years,
there were still plenty of things we hadn't done yet.

We really enjoyed having friends come to visit! Here I am with Dona Watson.

Gary took sailing lessons at the Navy yacht club. The bay is perfect for beginners.
With his flying and paragliding experience, he took to sailing really quickly and we rented a sailboat many weekends.

Evan and Bev
Kamie was a natural!
Bev and Riley in front of the Del
Time to go! After 18 months, Gary decided to retire, so we said goodbye to Coronado.
We'd downsized even more while living there, and emptied out our storage unit by
 donating and giving away major appliances, yard equipment, and more furniture.

When we arrived at the apartment, we had 12 of these crates.
We fine-tuned down to three, and put them in long term storage.
The kids came to celebrate Gary's "last day" of work with a lovely dinner at a fine SD restaurant.
(L-R Bev, Josh, Kamie, Lindsay, Evan, Gary)
Words in quotes will become clear later. 

While we were living on Coronado, I wrote a completed my last novel,
Misdirect, A Novel of Spies, the Sahara, and Searching for God. 

'Bye, San Diego!

Life with Riley

September, 2017

For our first full month of full timing, we parked at Newport Dunes Resort and RV Park in Orange County, CA. Lindsay had returned to work after Riley's birth, and we volunteered to keep her for the month. It was a great way to spend time with her and get used to retirement and full timing.

Although the sites are small, we were able to fit both cars in.

There's a lot to do near NP Dunes RV resort. It's within walking distance of Balboa Island, and a short drive to beaches and Long Beach Aquarium, and DisneyLand. Fair warning, this post is a lot about Riley. No apologies, Nana Bev's got the keyboard.
One lovely day, we rented a Duffy boat and toured Newport Harbor.
Riley's still deciding if she likes boating.

Aunt Kamie and Riley
Captain Josh
Because he grew up near here, he knew a lot about the harbor so we had a great tour guide.
Uncle Evan and Riley
Lindsay and Riley
Riley's showing her love for Texas A&M which she comes by naturally.
(Mom and Uncle Evan are Aggies.) Whoop!

We took a stroller walk daily, and Riley
loved the swings next to the lagoon.

How to keep a 6 month old busy. Water and teething rings.
On our last night, family came to have dinner and send us off.
L-R Gary, Bev with Riley, Debbie Valerio, Alyssa (Josh and Lindsay's niece), David Valerio, Lindsay and Josh Valerio